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HOPE IN OUR EYES, Inc. exists to offer HOPE, change and a promising future to the out-of-control youth, the vulnerable and troubled in our society.
We exist to break the cycle of doom and deprivation that now exist in some of our communities. Under our partnership programs, we will create innovative ways to create amicable, sustainable solutions to the nation’s toughest crime and violence challenges and bring about sustainability, development, growth, and a lasting change to those challenged by the limitations, weakness, and vulnerability, thus making our service, commitment and purpose effective, accessible and fair to all.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide extensive capacity building services as well as help to build and create partnership initiatives with other pre-existing programs to ensure long-term success.
We will help local youth initiatives, organized youth organizations and other non-governmental entities to achieve our objectives.
Our Resource personnel includes experts in Health, Education, Law, Nutrition, Environment, Economic Development, Civil Society, Gender, Youth, Research, Technology Communication, Social Intervention, Social 
Services, and Ministry, Creating a unique mix of capabilities to address today’s inter-related development.
We can accomplish more together than apart!

Mission Statement

HOPE IN OUR EYES, Inc., is a Ministry that is dedicated to Empowering our Youth to stay on the right path and stay out of trouble. We are also dedicated to helping those incarcerated and their families.
We are committed to creating a stronger society through partnership with Professionals, Faith-based Organizations, Corporate Entities, and State and Federal Governmental Entities

About Us

HOPE IN OUR EYES, Inc., is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation which came into existence in August 2016. It’s President saw the need that existed for such service and decided to partner with two (2) other like-minded Directors who share the same vision and passion to bring HOPE to the hopeless and to Help Others pursue Eternity. Through our Outside and In Initiative, We want to instill in our Youth a sense of commitment to make a positive and meaningful impact on society and refrain from unhealthy and unethical lifestyle choices.
We want to empower our youth to become productive citizens, good role models, and effective peer educators.
We also want to give hope to those incarcerated and help them to make the necessary changes so that they will not reenter the prison system upon release, but be able to be good role models, mentors and productive citizens.

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